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Restaurants in Japan


A country that has given the world sukiyaki" or the more exotic "sushi, Japanese cuisine has in recent years become much more familiar and appreciated around the world. Many have sampled the pleasures of raw fish or batter-fried shrimp. Japan’s vast selection of culinary variety, is seen in the many restaurants all over, from Chinese delights to the peaks of French haute cuisine.

Visit some of the cozy and friendly Japanese-style bars, where one can try Japanese Sake (rice wine) that goes extremely well with a variety of Japanese dishes. This ancient alcoholic beverage can be drunk warmed up in winter. One can head out for a dinner on a cruise ship, during an evening bay cruise that lets you see city lights from the water or take a walk down the street side yatai stalls that offer inexpensive treats.

Tokyo, Japan’s capital is host to a cornucopia of food flavors and textures. Tokyo famous for its sky-high cost of living, offers a wide range of dining opportunities to satisfy every taste bud. There are many reasonable eateries available; the city is also abundant in prestigious restaurants, where sophisticated food is prepared with a plenty of special ingredients. A number of Chinese restaurants are found in Tokyo and Taiwanese restaurants are popular as well.

Tokyo boasts a wide range of unique museums and that of Japanese art and culture. When in Tokyo one can experience Japanese performing arts, like Kabuki. Visit the Hie Shrine one of the most important shrines in Tokyo, or Sensoji, the most interesting Buddhist temple in town. Tokyo Tower is from where you can see all of Tokyo and Mt. Fuji on a clear day. Take a boat ride between the gardens of Hama Rikyu and Shinjuku Gyoen garden.

Visit Aoyuzu, located in, Ebisu, a large izakaya-type restaurant that serves modern-style Japanese cuisine. Kamon, located in the area of Ginza & Hibiya is a restaurant that serves Teppanyaki Cuisine. The restaurant’s interiors are traditionally Japanese yet ever so high-tech. Try out the Japanese sirloin steaks or filets, or fresh prawns and scallops.

C'zon located in Ebisu, is a comfortable, luxuriously spacious restaurant that is designed around a "Napa Valley" theme. From its exquisite cuisine to its big list of Napa Wines it’s a must visit. For a more relaxed evening head out to the Tokyo Sports Café located in Shibuya, is where you might have a chance of catching various sports games.

Yokohama is Japan's second largest city. The Yamate residential area retains a Western touch and houses, while Yokohama's Chinatown is one of the largest. Visit Jackie's Kitchen located in Minamisaiwai, Yokohama, serves up some pretty good Chinese fast food and a great combination of Chinese noodles
Visit Oliva, located in Tsuruyacho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, a restaurant that offers a unique blend of karaoke with Spanish cuisine.

For a quiet time out visit Cafe Cabanon a quiet arty cake shop in the neighborhood of Nishi-ku. This little cafe serves light meals and desserts. One can browse through the many books and magazines in this beautifully yet simplistic place. Head out to Nabanya Café, a cozy bar-style café that has great dark wooden bar and homely setting with an art gallery above for local exhibitions.

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